About This Project

Spine Like Steel was designed by Cayla Hall, the same young woman whose story is illustrated on this site. The x-ray images shown are her personal x-rays and the words are her own. She designed this site as a place of hope and communication for young teens who have recently been diagnosed and for their parents.

“After I went through surgery, there were so many young girls around me who had just been diagnosed. They had so many questions about my story and treatment history; I have always found it hard to communicate with people about my own story. This site does the talking for me and is a resource for others who are dealing with their diagnosis. My journey was long. Theirs will be too, but that doesn’t mean that it is hopeless.”

- Cayla

Cayla's Biography

Graphic designer and artist Cayla Hall was born and raised in Dawsonville, Georgia, and spent her early childhood exploring the world through creativity and a love for science. She studied drawing and oil painting in the style of John Sargent and other impressionists which allowed her to develop a strong sense of color theory. Her focus on graphic design in college allowed her to combine both her creative drive and her analytical brain.

She will earn a BA in Studio Art, concentration in Graphic Design, from the University of North Georgia in 2019. During college, she developed a problem-oriented design process that focuses on the unique goals of each project and identifies barriers that stand in the way. Cayla is currently focused on the challenges of creating meaningful web designs and user experiences.

While in college, Cayla was selected as an Outstanding Achievement in Art scholarship award recipient for three consecutive years and received the 2017 Department of Visual Art Artistic Excellence award. Her charcoal drawing, Stripes, is on permanent display as a part of the University of North Georgia public collection.


This website was originally displayed as a part of an installation in MOMENTUM, the Fall 2019 University of North Georgia Department of Visual Arts Senior Capstone Exhibition. The group show was held in the Roy C. Moore Gallery on the UNG Gainesville Campus from November 4 - 23, 2019. Spine Like Steel was one of five installations featured in the first part of the show.

"The Department of Visual Arts (DoVA) at the University of North Georgia is a multi-campus, student-focused department that fosters quality education, service, inquiry, and creativity.

DoVA provides an environment of academic excellence, cultivated by faculty role models, through high professional standards of scholarship, craftsmanship, and leadership.

As an innovative community, the department promotes global and contemporary practices while honoring the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region."

Source: UNG Department of Visual Arts

Design Notes

Headers: Raleway (Google Fonts)

Body text: Merriweather (Google Fonts)

All images belong to Cayla Hall unless otherwise noted.